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Combining endeavors with the The Royal Society of Great Britain, a scientific society established since 1841, well known for its trustworthiness and seriousness, we have published, for the first time in its history, the Spanish edition of Martindale: Complete Consult Guide of Pharmacotherapy. The Martindale provides extense information, strict and scientifically guaranteed on medicaments and their active principles used on an international level, being considered an independent source of information and with a well known prestige within professionals in this area. It is available in three different formats: paper, internet and CD-Rom.(more)

We have also published in multiformat Stockley: pharmacology interactions, the most detailed and extensive publication world-wide on adverse medicament reactions. It contains circa 13.000 references grouped in more than 2.500 monographies about medicament interactions.(more

We are working actively on the catalogue's ampliation which will be composed of of a high utility order to clarify questions and answer doubts that are most frequently presented to the chemist in his daily practice. The aim of these publications is the divulging on a practical level of greater applicabiity for the professional farmacist.

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