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Speech Therapy, Communication and Language

A potential Community orientated to professionals interested in communication, language and audition in its different branches: Speech Therapy and Audiology.

A significant component of this area is Speech Therapy and Audiology Journal, official publication of AELFA (Spanish Association of Speech Therapy, speech therapist and audiology). Its content (which can be consulted from its first volume) embraces different themes of acquisition and language pathology, speech and the voice in its evaluation aspects, intervention and investigation, with an interdisciplinary approach. It also includes the AELFA bulletin as a complementary publication to the Journal, that brings some monographic reviews on concrete themes of a great practical interest, and relevant news for the Association's members.

We want in this way to offer professionals, publications of relevant interest, that cover information needs, of a high degree and that maintain them up to date in the latest and advanced tendencies in this changing and growing field.

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