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Central Nervous System

The best resource for professionals interested in all issues related to the central nervous system (psychiatrists, neurologists, psychologists,etc).

The most developed area, initially, is Psychiatry, with a clear vocation to becoming a reference point. That is the reason why we work with well known authors to elaborate the original books and also in the translation of the most interesting titles, from the most relevant publishers in this speciality.

We must highlight translations from the American Psychiatric Association, one of the health societies with the greatest projection and influence on an international level within the Psychiatric and Psychologist areas. In our editorial base books proceeding from the APA- of recognised interest for profesionals, - and specialised journals, consolidated for their urge to improve and utility for the on-going training of psychiatrists, are integrated in our organisation. We must particularly point out the American Journal of Psychiatry, a journal with more than 66.000 subscriptors and most read in the world.

Within our objective of leading subjects relating to the Central Nervous system we will soon start publishing books more orientated to Neurology and Neuropsychiatry.

We are at your disposal and we invite you to put forward any suggestions that you find opportune.
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